Styrofoam Compactor Production Line With Hydraulic

Styrofoam Compactor Production Line With Hydraulic
Styrofoam Compactor Production Line With Hydraulic

Product Description:

Big capacity styrofoam hydraulic compacting Production line is a machine to reduce the size of expanded polystyrene foam and expanded polypropylene foam for easier transportation. It is also known as EPS densifier and EPS compactor. It is widely used in sea food processing plant, electronic factories, white goods and black goods stores, and the supermarkets. Polystyrene compactor makes it profitable for municipalities and businesses to recycle EPS.


Suitable Materials


Main features:

1. Compacting expanded polystyrene with a density of 350-400kg/m3

2. Save costs for transport and land fill

3. Save space and handling by dealing with the EPS in a quick and efficient manner

4. Generate income from sales of the compacted EPS blocks, save power consumption

5. No heat is added to the process 

EPS cold compactor is specially used for EPS plastic foam and polystyrene foam, such as foam box, EPS foam board, EPS foam fast food box, etc.

Product applications:

The large foam compactor is used to compress the capacity of EPS foam plastics, increase the density, compress the EPS foam into lumps, greatly reduce the volume of EPS foam, facilitate the recovery, stacking, storage and transportation of foam plastics, save space and reduce transportation costs, and increase economic benefits.

Working principle:

Put the polystyrene foams into the crushing bin, and the motor drives the crushing room to break the foams(Polystyrene foam box) into small pieces. The foams that pass will be screened through the filter screen. Those that pass will enter the squeezing part, while those that don't will continue to break until they pass. The extrusion is fed by motor driven screw. There is a water tank between the discharge channel and the extrusion part. Two water pipes are connected on the water tank for water circulation and cooling effect. When the screw transfers small pieces of foam to the front of the outlet, the surface of the outlet is covered with a layer of 304 stainless steel, and the upper part is pressed by a hydraulic pump, so it is difficult to extrude the foam during the discharge. Wait for the foam block to be pushed out by the screw. When the hydraulic pump drops down and there is no material, the cover plate and the upper surface of the discharge channel can form a negative Angle and wait for the accumulation of foam blocks, and then repeat the previous action in a cycle.

Product Parameters

Screw DiameterΦ350mm
Input size1000mmx900mm
Screw rotation speed42rpm
Crusher blades10+11+10+11sets
Blade rotation speed120rpm
Main motor15kw
Crusher motor3kw*4sets
Hydraulic motor15kw
Production size400x400mm

Product Details


eps compacting production line hcp-1

The FMS-HCP hydraulic compacting production line can compact the material to 350-400kg/m3 in high density. 

eps compacting line-2

Belt conveyor is for foam material feeding.


Crusher blades

eps compacting line-4

Bearing brand: NSK. Gear box brand: TONGLI. Motor brand: SIEMENS BEIDE

Compactor with hydraulic

Compactor with hydraulic

eps compacting line-6

Control system: PLC with SIEMENS touch screen


Main electric elements use siemens brand


Water cooling tank to prevent foam plasticizing during screw pressing 


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