Plastic Shredder And Crusher Line Machine

Plastic Shredder And Crusher Line Machine
Plastic Shredder And Crusher Line Machine

Product Description:

This shredder and crusher line machine is our company new design. raw material goes into crusher machine after single shaft shredding machine. It used for the die material, big block material, plastic pipe, wood, barrel and other plastic material. It can reduce the pressure of the shredder machine, prolong the blades service life. After second crusher, the material can be crushed into smaller pieces and increase the final output.


Suitable Materials (But not limited to)

Plastic Shredder and Crusher Line Machine-7

Main Machine Features And Principle

This machine can shred plastic lumps, barrels, pipes, wood, wood pallet, big block material, plastic container, plastic chair, plastic pallet, woven bags, jumbo bags, cable etc.

1. Safety Devices in line with CE certification.

2. The hydraulic pusher against the rotor.

3. Various Screen size for different material.

4. Various Rotating blade for processing different material. Blades are made from hardened SKD-11 steel. The Blades can be turned 4 times before it damage.

5. Absorbs vibrations caused by the shredding of the material. this protects the machine and all parts in the machine.

6. Protective bearing covers to avoid dust, waste powder entering the bearing house, also grease points to release oil at intervals to increase service life.

7. The Hydraulic ram pressure and timing can be adjusted to fit with different material. The machine can be fitted with blower and silo.

Product Parameters

ModelStationary BladesRotating BladesChamber DimensionPowerMesh Size
XNC600shredder(2pcs)+crusher (2*1pcs)shredder(26pcs)+crusher(3*5pcs)280 mm22kw+22kw8-16 mm
XNC800shredder (2pcs)+crusher (2*2pcs)shredder(34pcs)+crusher(3*8pcs)400 mm45kw+37kw8-16 mm
XNC1000shredder (2pcs)+crusher (2*2pcs)shredder(48pcs)+crusher(3*2pcs)400 mm55kw+55kw8-16 mm
XNC1200shredder (2pcs)+crusher (2*2pcs)shredder(68pcs)+crusher(5*2pcs)400 mm75kw+75kw8-16 mm

* Note: The above technical parameters are only for your consideration, real technical parameters of crusher machine will be different based on crushing different material requirements, please call us for more information before purchasing. 

Product Details


Plastic Shredder and Crusher Line Machine-1

Shredder and crusher line with single shaft shredder 

Plastic Shredder and Crusher Line Machine-2

Shredder and crusher line with double shaft shredder

Plastic Shredder and Crusher Line Machine-3

Single Shaft Shredder or Double Shaft Shredder: to make waste plastic blocks into small chips, material outlet size: 30-40mm

Plastic Shredder and Crusher Line Machine-4

Belt conveyor: to convey the waste plastics to next step. Plastic crusher: to make waste plastic chips into smaller pieces, screen hole size: 8-12mm

Plastic Shredder and Crusher Line Machine-5

Single Shaft Shredder Rotor


Double Shaft Shredder Rotor

Plastic Shredder and Crusher Line Machine-6

Crusher Blade


Electric Elements: Schneider Brand

Equipment video

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