/ Are you looking for top-notch plastic recycling machine to process different kind of waste materials? 

09/Apr 2024

Are you looking for top-notch plastic recycling machine to process different kind of waste materials? Look no further! Our company is proud to offer an extensive range of high-quality and professional plastic machinery, including plastic shredders, plastic crushers, plastic pelletizers, plastic washing lines, eps foam melting machines, eps foam compactor machines, and eps foam pelletizers. Our products have gained a reputation for their outstanding performance and reliability.

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/ FAMOUS MACHINERY COMPANY foam compressor safety and power saving capacity 

19/Feb 2024

As we all know, nowadays, more and more countries attach importance to environmental protection and sustainable economic development mode. The products produced by FAMOUS environmental protection machinery company are mainly used in the recycling and recycling industry of waste foam plastics.

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/ Working principle of foam cold pressing machine 

08/Feb 2024

In recent years, with the vigorous advocacy of environmental protection and energy conservation, styrene foam plastics have received extensive attention and demand in the field of industrial foam recovery.

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/ Double shaft shredder machine to Faenza, Italy 

25/Jan 2024

Here we shipped 1set wooden box of double shaft shredder machine to Faenza, Italy on 25th, January, 2024.

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/ Plastic pelletizing machine accessories to Lima, Peru 

22/Jan 2024

In January of 2024, We shipped 1set wooden box for plastic pelletizing machine accessories to Lima, Peru.

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/ Why is it worth investing in FAMOUS foam hot melting machine? 

20/Jan 2024

FAMOUS MACHINERY COMPANY HM foam hot-melting machine is a professional equipment for the compression of EPS waste foam plastics.

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/ Foam cold presser helps you solve the problem of foam melting 

10/Jan 2024

We all know that the old foam is large, light and inconvenient to transport. Many customers need many times to compress the foam volume and density, which is conducive to the recycling of foam.

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/ The foam compressor tells you how to recycle polystyrene plastic 

25/Dec 2023

Because of its good water resistance, heat insulation, insulation, low moisture absorption and strong seismic strength, as well as its light, solid, easy to form, low price and other characteristics,

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/ Maintenance of FAMOUS MACHINERY COMPANY foam cold presser 

15/Dec 2023

FAMOUS is a well-known brand in the field of foam recovery in China. If a good quality machine is properly maintained, it will be able to run properly for a long time and continuously create economic benefits and reduce maintenance costs later.

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/ PE film granulating machine debugged 

06/Dec 2023

The PE film granulating machine purchased by Indonesian customers has been successfully debugged in the customer's factory in December, 2023.

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/ 10 non recyclable commodity packages 

15/Nov 2023

With the promotion of modern science and technology, the variety of materials is increasing day by day, and new materials with different efficiency are emerging. As an important part of the national economy, plastic packaging plays an irreplaceable role.

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/ Two sets of FHM200 foam hot-melt machines to Greece 

10/Nov 2023

This customer is our agent in Greece. He has many garbage station in the local area to help the government deal with foam recycling materials.

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